From bulging biceps to exploding ones here are the body builders who abused steroids.

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#6 Denise Rutkowski

This is the story of Denise Lynn Rutkowski, the fitness Beauty who turned into a beast. Back in the 1990s, Denise had a promising bodybuilding career. As a professional female bodybuilder, she won 2nd place in the Ms. Olympia contest in 1993 and was seen as the next Ms. Olympia winner. So, when she announced her retirement in 1994, the bodybuilding world was in shock. The same year, she went back to her home state Texas and entered Bible College for two years. All that travelling across the country spreading the word of God was not enough so in 2001, she started training again, but never regained her former looks. All those years of injecting steroids alongside with her bipolar disorder and drug abuse turned Denise into a hairy man-looking creature.

#5 Andreas Münzer

Andreas Münzer was an Austrian bodybuilder known for having the world’s lowest body fat percentage. Inspired by his fellow countryman, Arnold Schwarzenegger who he admired deeply, Mr. Ripped was on his way of becoming a supreme bodybuilder. Shortly before his final competition in 1996, he experienced intense stomach pains and was admitted to the hospital where they discovered he had internal bleeding in his stomach. Andreas Münzer died in March of 1996 due to large cocktail of anabolic steroids, insulin, and diuretics that wreaked havoc on his body, causing liver and kidney failure. Sadly, he is just another example that steroid abuse leads on a suicide mission to self-destruction.

#4 Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear was an ordinary British teen whose dream was to become a Royal Marine. To attain that goal, he needed a strong physique and bigger muscles. As we all know, muscles don’t grow overnight so Matthew decided to take the shortcut by buying anabolic steroids at the local gym. He bought steroids for three weeks and ended up paying with his own life. Matthew died due to organ failure and brain swelling at the age of 17. His parents created the Matthew Dear foundation to spread awareness amongst teenagers about the dangers of using steroids. Unfortunately, the story of Matthew Dear is a precautionary tale of what could happen to a boy who wants to become “the biggest guy there ever was”.

#3 Candice Armstrong

Candice was once a young, skinny blonde woman from London that never dreamed she would become a man when she started taking anabolic steroids to get the upper body she desired. With biceps that can put men to shame, chest hair, moustache and deep voice, nowadays Candice gets mistaken for a man on a daily basis. She even claims that her clitoris is so swollen that it looks like a small penis. Although Candice never planned on becoming a man now she is happy in her new body and uses it to do drag shows.

#2 Efrain Marrero

Teenagers on steroids are every parent’s worst nightmare. Adding steroids to teens that already have rampant hormones and sudden mood changes and then going “cold turkey” is a sure recipe for deep and potentially lethal depression. The 19-year-old Efrain Marrero, a promising football player committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a .22 caliber gun, only three weeks after he stopped taking steroids because his family discovered his drug use. Sadly, suicide due to steroid use was the cause of death of two young baseball players Rob Garibaldi, 24 and Taylor Hooton, 17.

#1 Chris Benoit

In the world of wrestling no one shined brighter than Chris Benoit. The Canadian born athlete was a fan favorite, highly respected two time champion and proud holder of 22 titles. His 22- year long career ended tragically on June 22, 2007 when he killed his wife and son and committed suicide afterwards. Many believe that what caused Chris to murder his family was the brain concussions he got while wrestling, which led to depression and the high levels of testosterone used to reverse all the years of steroid abuse.